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MongoDB Development Services In USA

MongoDB is a free and open source cross platform and document orient database. It is a NoSQL database and it avoids the traditional relational database structure in favour of JSON like documents which makes the integration of data much faster and easier. MongoDB is used by organizations worldwide to create powerful applications, to reduce the costs and to enhance the end user experience. So whether you are a start-up or a high growing enterprise Micropyramid can provide you with MongoDB development services if you are expecting high write loads, big data sets and location based data. The dynamic schemes which MongoDB uses are ideal for product data management, for E-commerce sites and even for content management systems.

Features of MongoDB

The highlighted feature of MongoDB is that the documents stored in the database have an arbitrary structure which makes it extremely easy to model and store unstructured data. Other main features of MongoDB include the following –

Database storage – As already mentioned above MongoDB can store any type of data such as structured, semi-structured and polymorphic.

Speed – MongoDB is designed to function as a relatively high speed database.>

Ad hoc queries – MongoDB supports search by field, range queries and regular expression searches. Queries can return specific fields of documents and also include user defined JavaScript functions.

Indexing – Any field in a MongoDB document can be indexed. These indices are conceptually similar to those in RDBMS. It also has secondary indices available.

Replication – MongoDB supports the master slave replication. A master performs reads and writes while the slave copies the data from the master but can only be used for reads and back-ups (not writes). The slaves also hold the ability to choose a new master if the current one goes down.

Load balancing – MongoDB scales horizontally through sharding. The developer chooses a shard key which determines how the data shall be distributed. The data is split into ranges and is distributed across multiple shards. Thus MongoDB keeps the load balanced.

Server support – MongoDB can run through multiple servers balancing the load and duplicating the data to keep the system up and running in case of hardware failure.

File storage – MongoDB can also be used as a file storage system by making use of its load balancing and data replication features.

Aggregation – It uses features such as Mapreduce for batch processing of data and aggregation operations.

Scalability – Replicas can be added to the MongoDB as the database grows.

Atomic updates – The content, comment and tags can be added to the database in real-time at a very high speed.

Apart from all the mentioned amazing features MongoDB is an incredible open source expertise with an easy development methodology and is cost effective. It eliminates complexity, enhances the performance, increases the speed and thus saves the time.

MongoDB can be used in the following segments –

  • Social networks
  • Document oriented systems
  • Mobile Apps
  • Gaming Apps
  • Online marketing
  • Business intelligence
  • E-commerce solutions
  • CMS solutions

Micropyramid offers to you MongoDB development services for MongoDB database development, for MongoDB consulting, its implementation and its integration. Just like the MongoDB we at Micropyramid follow a dynamic approach and make sure that we deliver top-notch MongoDB applications to our customers.

Feel free to write us at hello@micropyramid.com to know more about it.