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Django Application Testing Services In USA

We at Micro Pyramid believe in presenting the perfect product for you, and for that to happen all our products are rigorously tested during the development phase and also once the development phase is over. During the Quality Assurance (QA) process, our qualified team of testers make sure that the product is free from bugs.

Our testing process ensures that the product we deliver to you makes your work easy and gives you utmost satisfaction with its performance. There are several tests that we perform on the system before delivering them to you, some of which have been highlighted below –

Unit Testing

Unit testing is a software testing method by which the individual units of source code are tested to determine whether they are fit for use or not. Unit testing takes place in the development process and they are written by the developers to ensure that the code meets its design and behaves as it is intended to. The main goal behind unit testing is to isolate the individual parts of the program and ensure that they work correctly. The main advantage of this type of testing procedure is that it is able to find bugs in the early part of the development cycle, as a result of which it facilitates changes easily.

Responsive Testing

These days having a website with a responsive design that can be viewed easily across a wide range of devices is a necessity. Now when it comes to the testing of responsive device then there is absolutely no substitute for device testing. To ensure that the design of the website is fluid and can be viewed on multiple devices, we test it across top range of iOS, Android and Windows devices that include phones, tablets and phablets.

Functional Testing

A system or software that has not undergone functional testing produces undesired results and negative user experience. Hence, at Micro Pyramid we make sure that the system/software undergoes functional testing. Now this type of testing involves a technique that is used to test the functionality of the system/software and covers up all scenarios including failure paths and boundary cases. Functional testing defines what the system does and the functions are tested by feeding them input and examining the output.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is to test how fast our application is working according to the requirements and stability under a particular workload. Here we must identify response time of each and every functionality/page.

Usability Testing

Usability testing includes testing the User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX). The former involves testing the graphical user interface and examining how it looks and behaves while the latter focuses on the experience of the user and also the user behaviour. This testing process is of huge importance because one needs to see the user reactions and the possible areas of improvement before the product is released.

Security Testing

Security breach is a major threat to any product or application. It results in loss of customers and high cost of recovery. Hence, Micro Pyramid offers automated as well as manual security assessment, and code review service to highlight any security vulnerabilities that might be present in the system. Our main focus involves listing vulnerabilities and associated risks, identifying high risk areas that require immediate attention, laying down requirements for improving the security process, and recommending solutions like infrastructure re-design to ensure maximum security.

Automation Testing

Each time that you modify a software code, it has to be tested manually to ensure quality. But with the increasing codebase, the manual method of testing becomes laborious and costly. Hence, in order to provide a solution to this we have automation testing. This testing process helps automate highly repetitive test cases and as a results cuts costs and reduces test time.

Platform Testing

Platform compatibility testing checks an application for its responsiveness and adaptability across different browsers, operating systems and devices. It helps in finding out how well the system performs in a particular environment across variables such as network and operating system.

To sum up, when it comes to quality assurance the MicroPyramid team performs all the necessary tests to deliver to you the best possible result. Contact us at hello@micropyramid.com to know more.