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Happy to sponsor Pycon 2017, Portland

We are waiting for you at booth no:150, Pycon 2017.

or email us at hello@micropyraid.com

About MicroPyramid

MicroPyramid is a Python & Django based organization with more than 5 years of active development in Hyderabad, India. We develop high-quality python web & mobile application with a group of talented geeks. We manage client projects & open source projects. We develop applications using python, Django, node.js, angular js, react framework, Django rest framework, docker etc. As of now, we delivered software in banking, accounting, music, education, travel, recruiting sectors.

We follow a perfect mix of development process agile + scrum. This will give us boost in delivering software on time with high quality & performance. We organize free python & Django hands-on sessions to drive people into the programming world and MicroPyramid employees are organizing Django Girls in Hyderabad, India to encourage women into programming. Know more about our open source projects here https://github.com/MicroPyramid

Why Sponsor Pycon?

Python is a high-end open source programming language to analyse data and build web applications in a lot of sectors. This is the first time, MicroPyramid sponsoring Pycon 2017, Portland to support the python community and we are so glad to join in this conference. This the perfect time for us to help students and startup engineers by emphasizing the best python development practices.

  • Sponsoring pycon 2017, portland is a great opportunity to help so many people to start their programming career with python.
  • Fabulous opportunity to interact with tech geeks around the world
  • To build connections between speakers, organizers, all the attendees and to know how they are passionate about python programming language
  • To spread the pycon conference & python programming all over the world.
  • We are happy to provide python experience from beginners to experts
  • Meet our experts in pycon conference to get your ideas to life.
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PyCon 2017 Micropyramid

Come and meet us at booth 150. We are happy to engage with you by sharing our programming experiences with python. You can get in touch with us at hello@micropyramid.com