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Salesforce is the industry leader in adopting fast-to-implement, quickly customizable, semantically integrated, and user-friendly applications with robust CRM features.

Hire Offshore Salesforce Consultants

With years of hands on experience our 3X salesforce certified experts delivered excellent customizations and integrations in logistics & SCM, Manufacturing, Pharma, Textile, E-commerce industries boosting their operations for better sales and support.

We deliver excellent ROI to our clients.

We executed all these milestones in niche salesforce expertise and adapting more to come.

Basic system configuration in 1 week

Sales Cloud Service in a week

Basic System configuration

We can review minimum system requirements for using Salesforce in a Web browser or other Salesforce clients, such as Salesforce Classic Mobile and Salesforce for Outlook.

Basic Workflows

Workflow is automation of actions based on your organization methodology. Workflow includes tasks, email alert, field updates and outbound messages.

Classes, automated triggers and controllers

We can generate test classes, automated marketing campaigns and load records from database.

Vendor Portals

By using Vendor’s/supplier portal we can enable companies to automate all supplier facing process, collaborate with suppliers and gain 360 degree visibility into supplier interactions.

Salesforce Integrations

Integrate Salesforce Force.com applications using Rest API with different HTTPS methods are either with XML or JSON formats.

Custom Objects and extending standard objects

Salesforce includes Accounts, contacts, or opportunities in standard objects. The Salesforce administrator defines custom objects and their properties, such as custom fields, relationships to other types of data, page layouts, and a custom tab.

Javascript Validation

Using Javascript function we can validate the input value and subsequently show a pop up message(reminders) to the users.

Email Templates

In salesforce classic you can custom four different types of email templates: HTML, text, custom and visualforce. These templates can include text, merge fields and attached fields.

Page layout customization

Using page layout we can customize the content of record pages of your users

Create custom buttons for redirecting

Custom buttons and links help you integrate salesforce with external URLs, applications, intranet and other back-end systems.

Why to hire Salesforce experts from MicroPyramid?

MicroPyramid is the best place to hire certified salesforce experts to work on offshore to carry out your business goals. Our Salesforce developers or Administrators from Micropyramid will work from office premises and will be in touch with you 24*7. We assure that you will get quality services in a cost effective manner and our salesforce experts are dedicated and committed towards work.

Take our help in reaching your goal. Contact us to hire Salesforce Developers at hello@micropyramid.com

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Micropyramid is a home of the salesforce experts and follows dedicated process for each project they undertake. At MicroPyramid you can hire salesforce developer at cost effective prices.

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