Business Ecommerce Application

which is completely built on salesforce platform

Micro Commerce is a business to business Ecommerce application which is completely built on salesforce platform. It can Manage Multiple buyers, Contains storefront which has products displayed in it with many other options.

Buyers can Manage Orders, Payments and shipments in the storefront. Automatic two-way syncing of orders, products, categories, payments and shipments with order management,Product Management, User Management, Payments etc.. as custom objects in


Frontend page for Micro Commerce

  • Basic Custom Branded estore for selling any type of product.
  • Configured with products, categories, prices, Buy(add to cart and remove) options.
  • It can be customizable according to business requirements.

Frontend-order detail for MicroCommerce

  • Gives you an overview of the order which you are placing.
  • Order details consists of product name, category, quantity and its total price.
  • Buyer information and address details need to filled by the buyer which are synced with after completion of order.

Frontend Invoice for Micro Commerce

  • Invoice and order summary are displayed after order placemet.
  • Details about shipping and billing addresses.

Dashboard for Micro Commerce

  • Micro Commerce dashboard can be used to track live sales data such as total number of customers, orders, invoices and revenue.
  • Information is displayed in the form of demographics. It helps to see real-time insight into the business operations on a day-to-day or even hour-to-hour basis.
  • Latest Customers activity(with date-time) and Invoices(in form of percentage) are displayed.

User Management and Order Management

  • User Management helps you to create, edit and delete users for your eCommerce application.
  • Can assign various permission sets to users to control which applications they can use and what tasks they can carry out.
  • Create and assign roles to users for easy management.
  • It automates and streamlines order processing, it provides database of customers, billing, payments, refunds, invoices and other records.
  • It provides recent and past orders, check the status of an order, manage multiple payment and shipping options.
  • Automated notifications, emails, messages to the customers when an order is placed.

Customer Management

  • It provides appropriate and engaging retail experience to the customers. Customers can be able to track their purchase order history, returns, refunds, failure of payments etc..
  • View and manage customer activity history - With our Micro commerce customer management, you can understand how customers are making purchases and relate to your site. Data can be displayed in demographic format which can be used for marketing.

Category and product management

  • Automatic two way sync of category and products in the micro commerce with database and with Micro commerce Frontend page.
  • Can be able to add any number of products and it's categories seamlessly to the micro commerce.

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