Meet Our Experts

Meet our experts to provide the best possible services/solutions for your business

Ashwin Kumar


Ashwin is the Founder and CEO of MicroPyramid. He is a programming enthusiast. A visionary thinker and above all a performance freak. Ashwin has more than a decade of experience in programming and management and envisions to build an ideal company.


Chief Technology Officer

Chaitanya joined MicroPyramid's family in 2013 and leads the Web Development team. He is responsible for overall project strategy and defining the project development roadmap.


AWS Solutions Architect

Jagadeesh is Developer and AWS Certified Solutions Architect, He believes determination and smart work can outdo hard work. His Solutions has often earned appreciations from the client. When he is not coding, he spends his time traveling and exploring new places.

Ravi Kumar

Project Manager - Web & Mobile Development

I stored lot of python and react native skills in my head. You can use them to solve your problems.


Manager, Quality Assurance Practice

As a Quality Analyst experienced in functional, manual testing, GUI etc. for both web and mobile applications on all platforms. She is responsible for delivering quality and innovative approaches for several clients.


AWS DevOps Engineer

Nikhila is a Senior Python Developer & certified AWS DevOps engineer. She is experienced in developing multiple E-learning, E-commerce, Job Portal industry related projects.



Bachelor in Computer Science and Senior Python Web Developer. Her specialties include Python, Django, REST, Javascript. Her real passion is to build computer applications and web services.

Dinesh Kumar


Dinesh is experienced web developer and system administrator, he is interested in building intelligent systems. He enjoys tweaking with Linux and playing video games


SEO Analyst

Anusha is an experienced SEO Analyst. She quickly understands and supports initiatives that will contribute to the goals and success of client campaigns