Salesforce Sales Cloud Solutions

Our Salesforce professional’s team helps you customize sales clouds, improve sales and provide offshore services in India.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Services

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a platform designed to improve Customer Relationship Management (CRM) performance in terms of support sales, marketing cloud, and customer support for business-to-business(B2B) as well as business-to-customer(B2C).

Sales cloud refers to a sales module in that includes features like web-to-lead to support online leads. Sales cloud executes sales and marketing for business development. It is ideal for small and mid-level sales groups.

We have seen its success both internally and with all our customers, as it smoothly and continuously brings customer information together in one integrated platform, allowing entrepreneurs and end-users to track company or individual performance in real-time.

Sales cloud keeps the customer information in one place and gives the intelligent alert about the leads. Sales Cloud contributes data to sales representatives, managers, and leadership, allowing them to connect with customers and focus on the needs.

Features of Sales Cloud


  • Remove the cache and give better visibility.
  • It has a better personal relationship with its customers.
  • It optimizes the sales and marketing approach.
  • Sales cloud is highly secured and trustable
  • Communicate with customers and understand their needs.
  • Based on the past behaviour we will estimate the future response.
  • It can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Why MicroPyramid for Salesforce Sales Cloud?

  • Sales cloud can be used anywhere and can be accessed anytime. It is more powerful when it is up-to-date and accessible.
  • Sales cloud customizes the workflows and powers up the productivity.
  • Sales cloud helps to grow your business.
  • Sales Cloud provides everything you need to manage your business.
  • Our company maintains a good relationship with our customers and fulfill their needs by giving them better visibility.

Security of data in sales cloud

The Sales Cloud has a robust and flexible security architecture. The financial services, healthcare, and the government trust and depend on this software solution. It provides security and control on everything, right from the user and client authentication by administrative permissions for accessing the data to sharing the model.

User Security

Programming security

Trust & Visibility

Org security

Salesforce Sales Cloud Solutions

  • Sales cloud allows backup for customer complex sales and meets business to business buyers. Sales clouds communicate with customers and make multiple decisions to build a strong relationship with them.
  • Sales cloud helps to optimize the sales and communicate business to business transaction sales for structuring the process.
  • Custom websites, reports, dashboards, and applications are used for customer satisfaction and get the overview and complete knowledge of the product.

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Salesforce Sales Cloud Services

Salesforce sales cloud is a workforce management software that manages all the sales process in one centralized system.