Free salesforce onboarding solution India

MicroPyramid is committed in 50 new client onboarding processes in Salesforce CRM and giving freebies as a part of our Salesforce Pilot Program. Here are our offerings to make it easy migration from other CRM or new experience.

5 Basic things you'll get for free as part of our Salesforce customer onboarding process.

  • User Management - Creating new user, assigning permissions and login credentials.
  • Admin - User accessibility including record sharing and role based access.
  • Training - Need based training of vanilla salesforce.
  • Data Migration - Migrating data from old CRM with less complexity when provided in CSV format. Complex data relations to retain shall be billed.
  • Support - 24 hours TAT for the aforementioned offerings.

Our dedicated certified salesforce personnel will make sure of our offerings go smooth at all times. Thanks to our awesome QA team for ensuring customer satisfaction at high. MicroPyramid’s comprehensive, adaptive and flexible model for salesforce client onboarding solutions and migration assistance for SMB’s and established.

Note: We offer complete free customization and Salesforce customer onboarding project management to organizations with 2 or less users.

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Salesforce Customer Onboarding Process

Customer onboarding process is at the heart at what we intend to do, bridging the gap to envisage a relationship with prospect and client. Successful onboarding process leads to happy customers. We offer salesforce free customization to our clients with 2 or less users. Contact us to get our complete free salesforce onboarding process