Our Open Source Projects
Django MFA View in GitHub Django MFA(Multi-Factor Authentication) is a secure authentication method to verify user identity by generating random code which will be sent to your devices. Visit our Django MFA Blog
Microfinance View in GitHub Microfinance is a web-based management system for any kind of organization. Here you can track all kind of financial services like branch management, members, loans, savings etc.
Django Simple Forum View in GitHub Django Forum is a discussion board which has several topics, you can start conversations as per your interests. And you can see information or opinions shared by other participants.
Django Spanner View in GitHub Use Django Spanner to deploy your Django project in an easy way without an intervention of login to your server. Even you can backup the data from the server and restore your data to the server.
List of Python Modules Here are few of our python modules which are developed by our team and can be useful for python users. You just need to import these modules in your python code. For more guidance and open source modules, check out our GitHub repository.
Forex Python Using Forex Python you can you can get all latest currency rates and you can convert the amount to foreign exchange rates. View Read the Docs to know the usage of various conversions. View in GitHub
MicroURL Use MicroURL to shorten your original URL. So, you can share any kind of long urls in a short format. Which can be simple to share with anyone. See the installation process and usage in our GitHub repository. View in GitHub