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In recent times E-commerce has become the hot-spot of the internet technology. The online trading of products and services is not only convenient but also a huge time saver. As the world of e-commerce is advancing the e-commerce websites are becoming more complex and are loaded with diverse variety of features. Such complex websites require a framework with domain driven applications which makes feature development and maintenance of the website much easier. Django-oscar is one such e-commerce framework which has all the suitable features to handle a complex e-commerce website. It can even be added to your existing website without any modifications required.


  • Supports reviews and review ratings.
  • Supports plug-ins.
  • Multi-lingual.
  • Supports various payment gateways such as Django-oscar-datacash, djando-oscar-paypal, Django-oscar-paymentexpress, Django-oscar-sagepay, Django-oscar-eway, Django-oscar-stripe.
  • Is also has an account extension (Django-oscar-accounts) which provides support for giftcards, loyalty schemes, and customer budgets.
  • It is SEO enabled.
  • It is extremely flexible in customizing any part of the shipping calculation as per the requirements of your business.
  • It has haystack configuration option for search feature but can be easily replaced with any custom implementation.
  • PDF invoice generation is possible with it but not in the core.
  • It has built-in support for digital product types which do not require shipping.
  • Has anonymous check-out enabled.
  • It has an engine to showcase the offers and discounts prevalent on the site.
  • It also enables promotional codes for discounts.
  • Pluggable tax calculations.
  • Multi-site.
  • Multi-tenant.
  • Easily supports complexities such as split payment and multi-batch shipping.
  • PyPi installable.
  • Has dynamic categories called “ranges”.
  • Stock control.
  • The checkout can be easily customized to add, remove, alter or combine steps.
  • Multi-currency.
  • Merchandising blocks to promote the products on your website.
  • Comprehensive dashboards. The Django admin can also however be used.
  • Django-oscar-stores provide integration with physical shops including support of geolocation, Google maps, opening hours etc.
  • Django-oscar-easyrec provides integration with recommendation systems.

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Django-oscar provides you with a base platform to build things on, and customize it as per your businesses’ requirement. For example - You can add the acceptable payment methods or shipping methods easily to the base platform. It is structured in a way that the core functionality can be easily customized and any class can be overridden or replaced as per your requirements. Along with the various e-commerce features it also provides you with many extensible features such as multi-language and multi-currency support. This framework has been built after years of experience with small and huge e-commerce projects and thus is suitable to build either an interactive B2C or a complex B2B e-commerce site. All these features allow Django e-commerce development to function smoothly and efficiently.

It is needless to say that Django-oscar, designed to leverage Django’s core functionality to enable domain driven applications, is indeed a very constructive and powerful approach. Developers have now migrated from PHP to Python, the language on which Django framework is based, as it provides ease in the development of e-commerce applications.

Django-oscar as a mode of e-commerce development is already at present handling a catalogues of 15 million products and also managing a 12 million catalogue supported by 100 plus suppliers, for a single project.

Online shopping is gaining widespread popularity day by day and hence sustained growth in this segment requires building up of a highly efficient e-commerce website with an excellent UI/UX interface. Micro pyramid has expertise in Django e-commerce development and also in Django e-commerce consulting. With our technical acumen and with our expert team of python developers we can build-up for you, an interactive site that will not only create your brand name and enhance your reach but also maximize your ROI.