Salesforce Managed Services

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Salesforce Managed Services

Salesforce is constantly evolving daily, with new releases every year. With salesforce managed services and support packages we provide tailored solutions to address specific needs of your salesforce implementation and support inhouse team.

Salesforce Managed Services are designed to get the data from investment, and begin to require the service rather than salesforce consulting for your business growth. Salesforce Managed services helps the company to grow high by managing all the resources and keeping them in a right track.

Why Salesforce Managed Services?

Salesforce managed service assists you to work efficiently, saving an enormous amount of your time, energy, cost, and labor. With Micropyramid's salesforce managed service, you will get good ROI with updating systems and services up to date.

We help you keep your data as well as your project safe by preventing them from critical performance and security problems. Our certified team strives to give you the best salesforce service keeping in mind your business goals, planned strategy, and the budget you are willing to invest.

With our managed solutions, you will have the support of our salesforce experts who will help drive training for your team with uninterrupted service, error-free business processes. Micropyramid offers training to the users, administrators, and managerial professionals to make the most use of their Salesforce CRM, implementation project, or any other service.

Our team implements the best salesforce implementation services and all the other services relevant to its project. We also integrate with the existing project and help you build an efficient product according to your business needs. Micropyramid renders salesforce launch support for the newly implemented salesforce project. We also offer uninterrupted customer support service for general troubleshooting.


  • Salesforce managed services has flexibility support model ranges from 9-5 weekdays to 24/7 critical support.
  • This is a cost effective pricing for reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Salesforce managed services has full management of complex salesforce organizations.

Our Managed Services that can Drive your Business if

  • You are not satisfied with your self implemented salesforce project, and you need assistance to implement your projec
  • You are thinking of replacing your present salesforce partner as you are not getting satisfactory results.
  • You are planning to hire a full-time salesforce expert to help you with your current project.
  • You want to upgrade your current project and want more expert advice to skyrocket your project's performance and handle more complex business processes.
  • You desire to gain more technical knowledge and implement it on your fresh new project and enhance your business productivity.
  • You want to upgrade your regular membership to premium membership

Here are some of the services that you may need to know:

  • Development -Our salesforce development helps you in external system integrations, user experience, advanced reporting and dashboards, update planning, and user adoption. Our development team works on a hassle-free code that is easy to implement, thereby executing a quality product for the organization. We also test and deploy them to make sure it works correctly.
  • Standard Administration -This service helps in general troubleshooting, field customization, workflow, process development, and end-user support. We strive to support you with error-free functionalities and business processes so that you can work on your salesforce project with ease and productivity.
  • Advanced AdministrationAdvanced admin includes process development, data migration/management, 3rd party tool setup, continual optimization analysis, APEX, visual force, triggers, and process flow. The advanced administration helps in making the business process simple and helps generate quality leads due to the precise data.


  • It is cost effective.
  • It is Versatile.
  • Salesforce management have salesforce support.
  • Dynamics experts at your fingertips
  • Safeguard salesforce performance
  • Sales team focus on core products
  • Scalable on demand use support new users & services.


Are you planning to opt for our salesforce service? Micropyramid provides Salesforce CRM, Salesforce cloud service, Marketing cloud, development, salesforce consulting, and managed services.

Micropyramid offers all these services at a reasonable and affordable range. Our plan starts with a minimum of $300 every month, which varies according to your business plans. You don't have to pay an extra amount unless you decide to upgrade your plan.

Along with this plan, we offer salesforce support to help you resolve your troubleshooting and provide you with the best services and discounts. Our pricing also varies depending on the size of your project, the bigger the project, the better deal we offer.

A Salesforce project is always worth investing, as it builds your business and enhances its revenue.


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