Salesforce Integration Consulting

Micropyramid provides salesforce integration and consulting services in USA and provides offshore services in India.

Salesforce Integration Services

Micropyramid Salesforce Integration Consultants with many years’ experience identify solutions to siloed system issues for their customers. Salesforce Integration services are always best in the designing and applications are user friendly with high compatibility. Our Salesforce Integration Services are cost cutting solutions and we can collaborate with other applications like ERP, Microsoft, Oracle, Abode and many more even we can accomplish the data management services.

Micropyramid’s view is that all applications be it internal and external need have a seamless integration. This brings the interactive experience to Salesforce CRM with a proper data flow and collaborative across various business process. We have onshore/offshore experts in Salesforce Integration Consulting for connecting with external systems and managing data in cloud and on-premises.

We can develop both custom integration modules and tune integration apps from AppExchange.

custom integration modules

As Salesforce Integration Services Partner, Micropyramid understands with the rapid increase of cloud /mobile/social platforms customers are left hamstrung by siloed platforms because these platforms have individual characters, functions, etc. Siloed systems offer little or no visibility into an organization’s business processes and require manual interventions to fill in transaction gaps.

Micropyramid salesforce integration services helps you to

  • Improves CRM Experience with the third party integrations.
  • Opportunity to get Highly secured API Integrations.
  • Implement the newest technologies.
  • Improves Business with specialized support.
  • Improves sales by empowering your organization.

Integration Challenges We Solve

Most of the applications like finance, sales, HR etc solves business issues, but they don't talk each other. So, Our company gives specific solution according to the needs of your requirement. Our Salesforce integration consultant will advise an integration plan according to your project complexity, some of the challenges we have solved:

  • Maintaining data consistency between multiple applications and salesforce. In this instance, we faced challenges regarding mapping of data, duplicate data and data validation. We built our own custom solution to solve the above challenges.
  • Some business require complex integration methods. For this, we understand the complete scenario requirement and implement the integration in a different and unique approach.
  • For most of the businesses, security is very crucial. When integrating an application with salesforce we solve most of the security problems by customizing the application according to its security needs.
  • Complex integrations with third party applications and salesforce.
  • Maintaining referential integrity is one of the toughest tasks in integrations platform. For this, while transferring the data one needs to keep track of connections between different fields.
  • Real time Integration, no matter how often data is imported and exported as files, some applications will remain out-of-sync with real-time changes. We built our own custom solution to solve the above challenges.

Salesforce integrations that our company provides

Our company provides some of the common integrations that we do, contact our certified salesforce integration consultant to know more about us.

Our Integration Process Includes

Process Analysis

Data Migration

Salesforce Configuration

Training Process

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Knowing the salesforce platform in and out, we have solved many salesforce integration challenges. We hope we will bring first-class solution to your business.