Your server requires regular maintenance and tuning to perform at its best. At MicroPyramid, we monitor, protect and tune your servers. You can focus more on the product and let us take care of the supporting hardware & software.

Server Monitoring
Server Monitoring

We use top notch softwares like Zabbix and NagiOs to monitor your server 24 X 7. Whenever system reaches a critical state or if a service is down, our notification system in place, will notify us and our geeky engineers get into action to resolve it.

Server Update Software System
Server Update Software System

Keeping your system up-to-date will protect your application and server from many threats and attacks, we keep watch on system and security updates for OS and Applications, make a choice to install them, if it is safe and doesn’t break your application

Server Backup
Server Backup

Having an Disaster recovery plan is as important as running your server or applications. Rest assured that our team always takes Point-in-Time Backups of server, application and database. In case of any catastrophic events, we can immediately pull from our backups and be back online in no-time.

firewall Protection
Firewall Protection

Having complete control over traffic is one of the important aspect of owning a server, Micropyramid will harden your server security to heights that you can have control of where data should flow into server and who should access your data.

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Server Maintenance Services In Canada

We at Micropyramid, maintain your servers at its best, so you never have to worry about it security and performance.

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