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SEO is a dynamic form of search marketing that keeps changing as new trends and new updates by Google come into being. Often it can be quite hard to keep track of all the updates and changes and then coming up with a strategy and concrete steps to take care of them. In such times, it becomes imperative to take help from SEO consulting companies or professional SEO consultants.

At MicroPyramid, we have a talented team of SEO consultants who always stay abreast of all the latest SEO marketing updates and techniques. Their ability to grasp new techniques and ideas, coupled with their rich experience in handling SEO for many clients and businesses make them valuable assets.

Our SEO consulting services range from a full spectrum of services that include setting up your SEO strategy to maintaining it and even handling parts of it, should you require so. Whatever may be your requirement, we first take the time to fully understand your business and business goals. Later, we study your website, customers and competition to find out both the pros and cons of your online presence. Here’s a brief list of the SEO marketing services provided by us:-

  • SEO Audit – The process of minutely studying your website and coming up with a comprehensive analysis of your website’s content, technical aspects, load speed, benchmarking against completion etc. is called the SEO Audit.
  • SEO Marketing Strategy – We formulate the SEO marketing strategy for your business. We plan each and every step of the marketing plan with clear expected goals and associated timelines. The SEO strategy is ofcourse based on your short term and long term goals, feedback that you and your team provide and expected outcomes.
  • Keyword Research – We do exhaustive keyword research and analysis and come up with keywords that your business should be targeting. We find out their search volume trends and also predict how well they may help in converting customers.
  • Link Building – We study the number of links your website has and build more links for you in an ethical and natural manner. Relevant links play a crucial role in search engine rankings and in determining the quality score of your website.
  • Design, Redesign and Development – We have inhouse capabilities to design new websites, new pages and redesign existing websites and pages with SEO principles. Our development team can then translate those designs into reality and help you achieve better SEO results than ever before.
  • SEO Content Development – SEO based content is a necessity for all web properties and SEO success. Our team consists of highly creative writers who know just the right ingredients to turn your SEO content recipe into a lip smacking dish. We offer content writing services, blog writing services, white paper writing, case studies creation and newspaper creation services under the gamut of SEO content development services.
  • Local SEO – Local SEO is the need of the hour. We can help your small business achieve big results with our local SEO capabilities.

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