Free IT Services for Non-Profit Organizations

MicroPyramid provides free IT services for Non-Profit organizations. Our team of IT experts can handle anything from technology maintenance to technical support. We have experience in handling large scale projects and delivered end-to-end solutions over a wide range of services and verticals.

We understand challenges a Non-profit organization have to face with their IT infrastructure, to which we extend our support by providing free services and consulting at our convenient time. The inception of technology has helped many organizations transform business processes in charity, fundraising from conventional ways to One-Click Donations, Automated Monthly Charities and  Online Fundraising events. 

Micropyramid provides free software solutions and cloud services to Non-Profit organizations and wants to help World in its own way.

Our Free IT Services Includes:
  • Software Development and Testing.
  • Software hosting and Server Management
  • Mobile Application development.
  • AWS Cloud Services.
  • Web Design
  • Digital Marketing & more.

We offer a free Software Services to Non-Profit Organizations in our free time. For more information please Contact Us today at

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Free IT Services for Non-Profit Organization

Micropyramid Provides software services to Non-profit organizations. Micropyramid takes the responsibility to deliver the high quality, performance, security to your board members and donors expect.