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Ten Sublime plugins useful for your daily python/Django development

Posted On 30 October 2017 By MicroPyramid

Sublime text editor comes with its basic setup as a normal text editor. We need some set of plugins to make it useful for any realtime development. In this blogpost we list ten plugins that will be useful for your daily python/Django development.

How to create Web-to-case in Salesforce

Posted On 21 October 2017 By MicroPyramid

Customers can submit their cases directly in their website using a simple web-to-case form. These forms are used to convert submitted information into customer support requests and cases which can be seen in Salesforce.com

How to manage large data volumes using skinny tables and indexes

Posted On 19 October 2017 By MicroPyramid

In every case, it’s hard to deal with tables containing a huge number of records. You can make skinny tables to contain oftentimes utilized fields and to maintain a strategic distance

How Salesforce financial service cloud solves the major financial service problems?

Posted On 16 October 2017 By MicroPyramid

Salesforce Financial service cloud is designed to connect with the customers and clients more personally than ever. It helps to solve the security and other challenges faced by financial sector industries

How to access Schema builder in Salesforce

Posted On 08 October 2017 By MicroPyramid

Schema builder in Salesforce is used to get all the objects and different kinds of relationships in one place. It can be used to modify and design new data models. Objects and fields can be created or modified in the schema builder.

Well structured Software Development Life cycle(SDLC) and Its Phases

Posted On 05 October 2017 By MicroPyramid

Know about software development life cycle(SDLC) and its phases to build a systematic, quality and well-structured application.

Overriding Django Model behaviour with Proxy Model

Posted On 05 October 2017 By MicroPyramid

The main Usage of a proxy model is to override the main functionality of existing Model. It is a type of model inheritance without creating a new table in Database. It always queries on original model with overridden methods or managers.

how to pass extra context data to serializers in django-rest-framework ?

Posted On 05 October 2017 By MicroPyramid

Django rest-framework passes extra context data to serializers for the best design of rest applications. we can use "context" parameter in serializers to pass extra context. In viewsets, generic view simply override or overload the method get_serializer_context.

Understanding Routers in Django-Rest-Framework

Posted On 03 October 2017 By MicroPyramid

By using routers in django-rest-framework we can avoid writing of url patterns for different views. Routers will save a lot of time for developing the API for larger projects. Routers generates standardized url patterns for better maintenance of url structure. We can expect consistent behaviour from viewsets and routers. We can also avoid repetitive code in views.

How to create one to one relationship between objects in salesforce

Posted On 29 September 2017 By MicroPyramid

Salesforce provides two relationships known as one to many relationship and many to many relationship(this can be done using junction object). Hence in this, we create one to one relationship by using lookup field, using roll up summary and triggers.

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