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Workflow Field Update action in Salesforce

Posted On 30 November 2017 By MicroPyramid

In Salesforce, field update is used to change or update field records. This can be done by a creating field update actions and associating them with workflow rules, approval processes or entitlement processes.

How to create custom list views

Posted On 29 November 2017 By MicroPyramid

In Salesforce, when you go to the home page of any object, you will get to see a standard view of records in that object. If you want to look at the important and useful records of an object in the form of a list, Custom List views are created.

How to set up escalation rules in salesforce

Posted On 27 November 2017 By MicroPyramid

In many businesses, when customers raise cases, and they are assigned manually to the agents by looking over the case details. But nowadays, cases are automatically escalated to the support agents by providing rule criteria. In Salesforce, we use escalation rules to automatically escalate cases.

How to use Map methods in Salesforce

Posted On 24 November 2017 By MicroPyramid

Apex provides collections such as List, Set, Map. Each collection has its own properties and characteristics that make them to use widely in salesforce. One of them is Map and we will see about it.

Basic Live Agent Implementation

Posted On 24 November 2017 By MicroPyramid

Customers in these days expect quick resolutions to their queries. In Salesforce, to resolve queries for the customers in a fast and efficient manner, we have Live Agent. This live agent provides customers the ability to interact with the support agents.

Ten Sublime plugins useful for your daily python/Django development

Posted On 30 October 2017 By MicroPyramid

Sublime text editor comes with its basic setup as a normal text editor. We need some set of plugins to make it useful for any realtime development. In this blogpost we list ten plugins that will be useful for your daily python/Django development.

How to run a SOQL query in Salesforce

Posted On 30 October 2017 By MicroPyramid

Salesforce Object Query Language(SOQL) is used to fetch the data from Sobject in salesforce organization. As we know SQL is used by .Net developers to get data from a database in the same way SOQL is used by salesforce developers to get the data.

How to filter a Django Queryset using Extra

Posted On 30 October 2017 By MicroPyramid

Using SQL Queries in Django ORM - Filtering extra objects within in a single query, to reduce the number of queries.

How to create Web-to-case in Salesforce

Posted On 21 October 2017 By MicroPyramid

Customers can submit their cases directly in their website using a simple web-to-case form. These forms are used to convert submitted information into customer support requests and cases which can be seen in Salesforce.com

How to manage large data volumes using skinny tables and indexes

Posted On 19 October 2017 By MicroPyramid

In every case, it’s hard to deal with tables containing a huge number of records. You can make skinny tables to contain oftentimes utilized fields and to maintain a strategic distance

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