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Implementing Angular Permissions using Route AuthGuards

Posted On 29 September 2018 By MicroPyramid

Implementing Angular's AuthGuards to protect access to the client side routes

Using Flexbox with React Native

Posted On 08 September 2018 By MicroPyramid

React Native is very similar to React, but one of the major difference is styling the components. For styling we use similar to CSS, is called Flexbox Layout. Mainly Flexbox purpose is to provide fixed layout on different screen sizes.

React-router for navigation

Posted On 08 September 2018 By MicroPyramid

React router is a React package which helps in navigation.
React router is divided to three packages: react-router, react-router-dom and react-router-native.
As we are building website we have to use react-router-dom.

Tracking location using React Native in Android

Posted On 08 September 2018 By MicroPyramid

To track the location in react native we have ‘geolocation’. Geolocation support both ios and android. Before using the geolocation we need to request to access the user location by adding below line in android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml.

Introduction to Angular2 to build client-side applications

Posted On 22 August 2018 By MicroPyramid

introduction to angular2 to build client side applications with different components

AWS tips and tricks to optimize cost and performance for better ROI

Posted On 03 August 2018 By MicroPyramid

Best Practices of AWS cost and Performance Optimization

How to drag and drop multiple files using Dropzone.js

Posted On 30 June 2018 By MicroPyramid

Dropzone is a free open source library which makes a HTML element as dropzone, which enables user to drag files on to that area and the files dragged will be uploaded using Ajax.

How do I profile django application using django web profiler

Posted On 23 June 2018 By MicroPyramid

When working with a large scale applications which includes many modules, we need to focus on the performance to give more user statisfaction, sustainability. To improve the performance, we need to analyze the application in various cases for ex: examine all urls with their response time and status codes, no of database queries with time for a particural url.
In that case, django-web-profiler will be very helpful for your application. It'll records the application urls with data.

Free foreign currency exchange rates API

Posted On 09 June 2018 By MicroPyramid

Free foreign currency exchange rates API to use in any programming language.

Creating custom Splash page in Salesforce

Posted On 28 April 2018 By MicroPyramid

In many websites, we come across a page displaying first and then redirecting to the main website page automatically or clicking on a button, which is known as splash page. In Salesforce, we can have splash pages for tabs(custom objects). Upon clicking on the tab, we can have a splash page first and then the regular tab as it is.

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