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10 Ways How salesforce Integration Improves Business performance and 3rd party apps

Posted On 12 March 2020 By MicroPyramid

Salesforce Integration is a process of connecting two applications or systems running on common/different platforms. These integrations have different layers like Data, Business Logic, Presentation and Security, depending on the requirements

Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud to manage funds, program and marketing

Posted On 04 March 2020 By MicroPyramid

Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud to manage funds, program and marketing

Salesforce Quip Integration to improve productivity

Posted On 03 March 2020 By MicroPyramid

Salesforce Quip Integration to improve enterprise productivity

Live chat with SalesForce Live Agent

Posted On 27 February 2020 By MicroPyramid

Live chat with SalesForce Live Agent

A revolutionary step by MicroPyramid for an NGO

Posted On 17 February 2020 By MicroPyramid

MicroPyramid took one of the most impactful philanthropic initiatives by donating job portal called Peel Jobs to Chaitanya Jyothi as an initiative to provide employment platform

Governor Limits in Salesforce

Posted On 22 November 2019 By MicroPyramid

Since Salesforce keeps running on the multi-tenure condition and so as to have a similar presentation to the database, it has forced some runtime limits called governor limits

How to Choose Salesforce Consulting Partner for your Company

Posted On 12 November 2019 By MicroPyramid

MicroPyramid is one of the salesforce consulting partner companies which has the best proficient salesforce employees working there and it is good at handling the client services, Marketing, and Sales activities

Salesforce lead management tips and best practices

Posted On 11 November 2019 By MicroPyramid

Lead Management is one of the main functionalities for business growth. Lead Management functionalities helps the customers to get more leads and sales.

Salesforce Marketing Automation Benefits

Posted On 07 November 2019 By MicroPyramid

Marketing automation system is a software platform which allows marketing team and organization to execute it effectively across channels like email, social media and websites to personalize and automate the tasks.

Which CRM is best for startups and small businesses

Posted On 05 November 2019 By MicroPyramid

There are many CRM software providers but there will always be the best one that is Salesforce CRM which is in the industry for nearly 20years, they have easily won the huge amount of market shares on Sales, Marketing and customer service applications


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