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Setting up reactjs environment & first reactjs app(hello-world)

Posted On 16 January 2019 By MicroPyramid

create your first react application hello-world from scratch. A step by step guide to understand and setup the reactjs environment. Understand the node package manager and the packages that we use while setting up the reactjs environment.

Customizing Django REST API Serializers

Posted On 09 January 2019 By MicroPyramid

Customizing Django REST API Serializers

How to implement TokenBasedAuthentication in DjangoRestFramework?

Posted On 14 December 2018 By MicroPyramid

This blog explains you how to use Token Authentication to authenticate users within a Django Application. Token Authentication is a way to authorize users by using an Auth Token.

Understanding middleware functionality in django2.0

Posted On 10 December 2018 By MicroPyramid

Understanding new style of middleware in Django2.0, the difference between old-style & new-style. How to write custom middlewares in new-style and upgrading from old-style middleware.

Highlights of salesforce summer '18 release notes

Posted On 16 November 2018 By MicroPyramid

Salesforce gets its CRM updated for every release. Generally, Salesforce has three releases per year(spring, summer, winter). In this we are going to look into updates and features of summer '18 release notes.

Understand Deep Learning and how it works with a simple example

Posted On 13 November 2018 By MicroPyramid

Deep Learning is a part of Machine Learning, it mimics the way our brains fundamentally work. We all know that our brain consists of billions of neurons interacting among themselves, although the interaction is simple at a fundamental level, it becomes complex when billions of them are interacting. Deep learning also uses the same concept to help machines learn.

How to Build and verify an application using aws codepipeline and creating custom events with lambda

Posted On 30 October 2018 By MicroPyramid

How to build and verify an application using aws codepipeline and creating custom events with lambda.

Django acceptance testing automation with robot framework

Posted On 26 October 2018 By MicroPyramid

Acceptance testing automation for django web and REST applications using a robot testing framework.

How to use Forms in Angular4

Posted On 12 October 2018 By MicroPyramid

In this blog we'll see how to use forms of different types reactive and template driven in your angular application.

Tips to choose the best custom software development company

Posted On 03 October 2018 By MicroPyramid

Choosing the best company for your software development needs is the most important step. This blog explains you tips to outsource custom software development services.

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