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Running Django with PyPy to boost performance

Posted On 24 August 2014 By MicroPyramid

Running Django with PyPy to boost performance

How to Create your own e-commerce shop using Django-Oscar.

Posted On 18 July 2014 By MicroPyramid

Oscar is an open-source ecommerce framework for Django. Django Oscar provides a base platform to build an online shop. Oscar is built as a highly customisable and extendable framework. It supports Pluggable tax calculations, Per-customer pricing, Multi-currency etc.

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with Python 3

Posted On 19 June 2014 By MicroPyramid

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with Python

Python Coding Techniques and Programming Practices

Posted On 12 June 2014 By MicroPyramid

Coding techniques and programming practices are one of the features of a professional programmer. While writing code to solve a problem programmer should make simple choices and have to use basic techniques. This is completely depends on the programmers skill and expertise and how wisely he make choices.

Image Cropping in Jquery (with Jcrop)

Posted On 30 May 2014 By MicroPyramid

We are having many image cropping plugins developed in jquery that are being used to crop an image. Jcrop is one of the plugins developed in Jquery.

Setting Up Coveralls for Django Project

Posted On 28 May 2014 By MicroPyramid

Coveraslls will check the code coverage for your test cases. To use coveralls.io your code must be hosted on GitHub or BitBucket.

install coveralls
pip install coveralls

How to Do Page Redirections with Nginx.

Posted On 16 May 2014 By MicroPyramid

Here we learn how to redirect a www to non-www or vice-versa also we see how to redirect pages. We will see differences between 301 and 302 redirection.

Sendgrid Inbound Email Parsing with django

Posted On 08 May 2014 By MicroPyramid

Using the Inbound parse webhook, we can parse the contents, attachments of an incoming email.

Inbound Parse API follows 3 steps:
1. sending an email to the mail id(URL_Name@your specified domain/sub domain.com)
a Here the domain/ sub domain, where the emails will be sent, and the URL_Name, where we will handle the contents, attachments of an incoming email in our app.
b. Here the domain/sub domain should point out the MX record to mx.sendgrid.net.

How to customize the admin actions in list pages of Django admin?

Posted On 30 April 2014 By MicroPyramid

Django by default provides automatic admin interface, that reads metadata from your models to provide a beautiful model interface where trusted users can manage content on your site. With this interface we can perform actions like delete, filter and other. In this blog post we learn to add new actions to the admin dashboard and how to disable built in actions of the admin dashboard.

Handling Custom Error Pages(404, 500) In Django

Posted On 15 April 2014 By MicroPyramid

404 Page not found and 500 Internal server errors generally occur in every website. When these errors occurs, generally for Django application it will load page showing the application settings. So to avoid settings open, we'll keep DEBUG=False in production mode. But keeping DEBUG=False by default the pages will be served by webservers like nginx or apache which won't look good for an end user point of view.

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