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Integrate Django-Oscar-Accounts with Django-Oscar

Posted On 23 October 2014 By MicroPyramid

This package uses double-entry bookkeeping where every transaction is recorded twice (once for the source and once for the destination). This ensures the books always balance and there is full audit trail of all transactional activity.

Configuring WordPress Blog as sub-directory alongside Django in Nginx

Posted On 19 October 2014 By MicroPyramid

Using regular expressions within Nginx we can bind urls to particular application servers, below we will configure wordpress blog and django site to be deployed on same domain name with each having their respective application servers i.e. ‘fastcgi’ for wordpress and ‘uwsgi’ for django.

Google plus API integration with django

Posted On 01 October 2014 By MicroPyramid

Using GPlus integration, we can get the user verified email id, general information, friends in a less span of time, and user can also share articles.

These Following steps are needed for GPlus integration:
1. creating google app
2. Authenticating user and getting access token.
3. Get user information using access token.
4. Get user friends list.

Extract data from PDF and all Microsoft Office files in python

Posted On 21 September 2014 By MicroPyramid

The quick way to get/extract text from PDFs in Python is with the Python library "slate". Slate is a Python package that simplifies the process of extracting text. In this post, we will see how to get/extract from pdf's.

Configuring and Testing Load Balancer in AWS EC2

Posted On 13 September 2014 By MicroPyramid

When You have an application that is serving Huge Customer Base, so will be your Traffic. Sometimes The Application simply stops responding. We can use Load Balancer which distributes the Traffic it recieves between the multiple VPS running the same application.

django Payu Payment gateway Integration

Posted On 03 September 2014 By MicroPyramid

In this blog, we will see how to integrate Django and PayU Payment Gateway. To integrate with PayU, we have package called "django-payu" - a pluggable Django application.

GitHub Repository: django-payu
Documentaion: django-payu.readthedocs.org

$ pip install django-payu

Running Django with PyPy to boost performance

Posted On 24 August 2014 By MicroPyramid

Running Django with PyPy to boost performance

How to Create your own e-commerce shop using Django-Oscar.

Posted On 18 July 2014 By MicroPyramid

Oscar is an open-source ecommerce framework for Django. Django Oscar provides a base platform to build an online shop. Oscar is built as a highly customisable and extendable framework. It supports Pluggable tax calculations, Per-customer pricing, Multi-currency etc.

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with Python 3

Posted On 19 June 2014 By MicroPyramid

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming with Python

Python Coding Techniques and Programming Practices

Posted On 12 June 2014 By MicroPyramid

Coding techniques and programming practices are one of the features of a professional programmer. While writing code to solve a problem programmer should make simple choices and have to use basic techniques. This is completely depends on the programmers skill and expertise and how wisely he make choices.

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