Best Practices of Using Django Celery in Django Social Auth

Posted On 27 January 2014 By MicroPyramid

Best Practices of Using Django Celery in Django Social Auth.

Advanced Querying in MongoDB

Posted On 26 January 2014 By MicroPyramid

Advanced Queries of MongoDB: Inserting records to the database and retrieving data from database.
1. Wrapped Queries: Like, sort, limit, count.
2. Query Using Modifiers: set, increment, push,Set Elements in Array, AddToSet Modifier, each.

Imageview customization (circular image view)

Posted On 23 January 2014 By MicroPyramid

In android designing we'll come across ImageView. An ImageView displays an arbitrary image, such as an icon. The ImageView class can load images from various sources (such as resources or content providers), takes care of computing its measurement from the image so that it can be used in any layout manager, and provides various display options such as scaling and tinting. it is recommended to customise it through bitmaps(BitMap in android) instead of reshaping the image manually.

MySQL Setup and Security

Posted On 25 December 2013 By MicroPyramid

In This Post you'll learn to install and secure your MYSQL Setup to interact with external applications.

TMUX - Sharing terminal between Users

Posted On 02 December 2013 By MicroPyramid

More Often you wouldve come across sharing screens with applications like Teamviewer, Windows Remote Desktop Connection or remmina (if you're a linux user). But if you want to share only your terminal, you can look upto Tmux.

Custom Decorators To Check User Roles And Permissions In Django

Posted On 17 November 2013 By MicroPyramid

A decorator is a function that takes another function and returns a newer,prettier version of that function.

To know more about decorators in python see here https://micropyramid.com/blog/programming-with-python-decorators/

The most common use of a decorator is the login_required. This decorator is used in conjunction
with a view that restricts access to authenticated users only.

Implement search with Django-haystack and Elasticsearch Part-1

Posted On 05 November 2013 By MicroPyramid

Haystack works as search plugin for django. You can use different back ends Elastic-search, Whose, Sorl, Xapian to search objects. All backends work with same code. In this post i am using elasticsearch as backend.

pip install django-haystack

Django hosting on Nginx with uwsgi for high performance

Posted On 04 October 2013 By MicroPyramid

Quick guide to host django application using uwsgi and nginx which offers better resource utilization and performance.

How to index binary files in django haystack

Posted On 27 September 2013 By MicroPyramid

Now we are going to index text content which is stored in structured files such as PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, images, etc using haystack and sorl's

In order to read and store the data, we can use SearchBackend.extract_file_contents(self, file_obj) method. It takes the file object, returns a dictionary containing two keys: metadata and contents. The contents value will be a string containing all of the text which the backend managed to extract from the file contents.

Generating PDF Files in Python using xhtml2pdf

Posted On 28 August 2013 By MicroPyramid

There are many ways for generating PDF in python. In this post I will be presenting PDF files generation with xhtml2pdf.

xhtml2pdf: xhtml2pdf is a HTML/CSS to PDF converter written in Python and therefore platform independent. xhtml2pdf supports for frameworks like Django and simple integration into Python programs. It is also usable as stand alone command line tool.

pisa: pisa is a html2pdf converter using the ReportLab Toolkit, the HTML5lib and pyPdf.

Best Practices of Using Django Celery in Django Social Auth

Introduction to 'Celery': 

In development environment sometimes we need to execute some works asynchronously(irrespective of current program flow). For example, in real time development we may have to send emails to 1000 members. Let us suppose if the time required to send single mail ...

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