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Django Oscar E-Commerce Services In Australia

Django Oscar is an e-commerce framework that comes with diverse features for the development of e-commerce websites. In fact, it has all the necessary features that are required to build a complex e-commerce website. Other than this, it offers one more huge advantage. You can add it to your existing website without any complex modifications required. To put it in other words, it provides you with a base platform to build things on. For instance, if you want to build an e-commerce website, you can add the various types of payment and also shipping methods to the base platform. You can also customize it as and when required.

Django Oscar framework has been designed in such a way that its core functionality can be easily customized. Also, any class can be overridden or replaced as per your requirements. Besides providing you with multitude of e-commerce features it also provides you with many other functions such as multi-language and multi-currency support. This framework is suitable for both large as well as small businesses. It has been built after years of experience and is therefore suitable for both B2B as well as B2C business models. All these features help in the development of a smooth and efficient website.

Django Oscar leverages Django’s core functionality and thus provides a constructive approach to e-commerce website development. The Django framework is based on Python language, which provides ease in the development of ecommerce applications.

Let us further discuss the features of Django Oscar

  • It can handle any product type. This includes downloadable products, subscriptions etc.
  • It provides an extensive catalogue support. In fact, this framework is used by websites that have over 20 million products.
  • Provides the option of multiple fulfilment partners for a single product.
  • Diverse range of merchandising blocks for promotion of products throughout your website.
  • It has a comprehensive dashboard that replaces the Django admin completely.
  • It provides support for complex products handling. This includes split payments orders, multi-batch shipping, and order status pipelines.
  • It has extension libraries to support various payment gateways such as PayPal, GoCardless etc.

As already stated, Django Oscar is being used by many developers. Its popularity is because it offers many advantages as compared to other frameworks. Let us further discuss a few of its many advantages:

  • It works on Postgres which protects data integrity more than MySQL
  • It can be used by website having more than 20 million products
  • It provides a modern design that is built using LESS and Bootstrap
  • There is no constraint on design. You can even use your own template.
  • Provides mobile friendly default templates
  • As already stated above, it provides multiple payment options for a single product

E-commerce is the future of shopping. These days you can get anything from water pumps to grocery online. This makes it important to have an efficient e-commerce website. Django Oscar offers the best features to build a customized e-commerce site.

If you also want your e-commerce website to be built on the Django Oscar framework, contact us today at hello@micropyramid.com with your requirements.

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