Django LFS Development Services In Australia

Django LFS stands for Django Lightning Fast Shop. It is an open-source e-commerce solution, which is based on Python, Django and jQuery. It can be installed quickly and is also extremely easy to customize. It provides you with a fully functional online store, with elaborate design and extremely simple administration interface. It is also easily expandable and adaptable. It provides strictly separated data, logic and design, which makes online stores quick and scalable. It supports HTML, CSS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, Apache etc.

PostgreSQL Manager

LFS has integration with Solr to enable powerful searches. These powerful searches include advanced full-text search capabilities, optimizing for high volume web traffic, similarity search etc. It has a simple yet powerful interface. The page content on LFS can be managed using the WYSIWYG-editor.

Product types and settings

LFS supports a diverse variety of products. This includes various customized products and accessories. You can add several images to one product. Other than this, you can also add tags and attachments. LFS also provides a user-friendly search system, including faceting, related products, ratings, filtering etc. The product gallery features and pluggable price calculations features are quite advantageous. Other than this, it also pays attention to marketing opportunities, such as sending of rating mails, featured products, top sellers, discounts and vouchers.

Payment and shipping

LFS offers many methods of payments. You can pay via cash on delivery, through your credit, debit card or even mobile wallets. This e-commerce system also ensures simple administration of the various payment methods. It enables a one-page check-out system, which makes the payment process all the more easy. Apart from offering various payment methods, LFS also offers a number of shipping methods. Each shipping method has simple administration of different shipping prices per shipping method. For instance, it is based on country, weight, size and others.

SEO and caching

LFS provides many methods to improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These methods precisely include well-informed and descriptive URL’s, Meta keywords, automatically generated sitemaps, and description for content. Other than this, LFS is connected to Google analytics site tracking and e-commerce. It makes use of a complex caching strategy to cache all parts of the site, even personalized parts such as the cart. It applies many file or memory based caching backends like memcached, in order to achieve its objectives. Memcached is one of the fastest and most efficient caching systems.

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Django LFS Development Services In Australia

Nowadays many developers are developing e-commerce stores on LFS. LFS offers many advantages including flexibility and pluggable backend. At MicroPyramid we have set-up online e-commerce stores for many of our clients.





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