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Amazon Web Services Outsourcing In USA

Since its inception in 2006 Amazon Web Services has become a market leader in the area of cloud computing. Popularly known as ‘The cloud’, it has enabled businesses to build up scalable Apps. The umpteen products and services of AWS, allows customers to store anything from 1 byte to 5 terabytes. Back in 2012 the number of data clusters in AWS had grown to 3.7 million, showing that many enterprises are using it for data sets analysis.

Benefits Of Amazon Web services

For any enterprise the major benefit of outsourcing AWS is –

  • Low cost as there is no capital investment
  • Infrastructure set-up within minutes with its high speed
  • Application deployment time reduced from two months to three days
  • Users can add or remove a service at anytime with the flexibility provided by AWS.
  • Since the users can use various services at any point of time to their leverage hence they can experiment with many products and services and benefit out of them.
  • Users can reach global network within minutes and deploy their App globally.
  • Build up a complex IT network easily.

Micro Pyramid offers to its clients the service of AWS and over the years we have formed a distinguished client base. Our technical expertise and our dedicated team of experts help us in delivering a quality output to our clients. Thanks to our experience and knowledge base of AWS, we never fail to meet our deadlines. Our work and our clientele speak in volumes of our hard-work and dedication.

For Micro Pyramid as an organisation, understanding the problems of the client and providing a solution to it is much more important than selling the product. While working on any project we always focus on –

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Aesthetics
  • Efficiency
  • Client satisfaction

AWS provides a huge array of products and services out of which we have highlighted the major ones for you in this table -

Service Function
Amazon EC2 Adds new servers within minutes
Amazon VPC Private cloud
Amazon S3 Object storage
Amazon Glacier Cloud Archiving
Amazon RDS Database Storage
Amazon Elasticache In-memory cache in cloud
Amazon Route 53 Domain name system
Amazon CloudFront Content Management
Amazon SES E-mail services
Amazon OpsWorks DevOps Application Management
Amazon SQS Message Queuing
Amazon SNS Push notification service