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Website maintenance is crucial for proper functioning of the website and to fully reap the benefits of your website and online business processes. These days, it is imperative that every brand has a website, why, it can even be said that if you are not online you might as well be dead. For your brand presence, new customer acquisition, customer engagement and customer service, a fully functional website is a must. Website maintenance when done periodically prevents bugs and keeps your website upto date and also leads to added lateral benefits such as new customer acquisition, building brand reputation and customer loyalty.

Why is Website Maintenance Services Necessary?

A website is your brand’s online home. It portrays your brand values, products and services to your existing and potentially new customers. There are several reasons why website maintenance services is necessary:-

1) To keep your website running

Website maintenance services checks your website for bugs, errors and potential security flaws. These checks keep your website running without any issues and makes browsing your website a user-friendly experience for customers

2) To acquire new customers

With a fully functional and engaging website you can draw new leads and convert them into loyal customers. When people visit your website, they want to understand what your brand stands for and how they can benefit from your products or services. Certainly, if someone has visited your website, he or she has a degree of interest in your brand proposition and product offerings but to ensure that this interest turns into something more can be achieved only if your website functions well and is able to engage with the visitor. To function well and to engage with the visitor, the website must load fast, should have links that are working, should have engaging content and several other factors that are usually taken care of during website maintenance services

3) To sustain your existing customers

Websites are tools to engage with your existing customers and to keep them interested in your brand and products. Through the website, you can offer customers several value-added services pertaining to a product that they have already purchased from you, and also cross-sell or up-sell new products that your existing customers will find useful

4) To appear professional

Your website is your online presence and just as is it important to pay attention to the upkeep of your office premises and the way your employees dress, it is important to pay attention to the upkeep of your website. Your brand values and professionalism are reflected through your website and seen by your customers and stakeholders alike

5) To get higher search engine rankings

A website that is bug-free and one that has fresh and relevant content and that which addresses visitor queries and comments on a timely basis is considered a quality website by search engines. When your website is considered a quality website by search engines, it is indexed by search engines and appears at high ranking spots for keyword searches relevant to your business, thereby bringing you more visibility and new leads. This is commonly referred as Search Engine optimization


Website Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) by MicroPyramid

At MicroPyramid, we offer a website annual maintenance contract (AMC) for the upkeep of your website. Our team has vast experience with website development and maintenance and thus you can be assured of excellence with all the work that we do for you. Some key services that we offer under the website AMC are as follows:-

  • Adding and deleting text and links
  • Changing various items and objects on the website
  • Addition and deletion of pictures and videos. The images and videos need to be provided by the customers
  • Content changes in effectively outlined Flash
  • Changes in forms including addition or deletion of shape fields
  • Expansion and deletion in the site navigation
  • Increments or cancellations on web pages and utilizing existing page plans

The rundown under support work isn't limited to the errands specified above. However, any altering occupations or employments, which will show up as 'new' will be charged separately. For example, brand new web pages that require fresh plan formats or navigational rebuilding would be considered as 'new' work. For all website maintenance jobs, we first make the changes on a demo site or a mirror live server given by you. If you wish to have an exclusive demo site set-up for your website, then that would be charged extra depending on the size and structure of your website.

Our website maintenance services also includes:-

  • AMC ascension set-up at the time of joining
  • Maintenance hours’ rundown against each activity completed
  • Code of the progressions being done on your site

Bespoke Website Annual Maintenance Contract Packages

At MicroPyramid, we offer you website maintenance services that are tailored as per your needs. For website annual maintenance, we offer several attractive packages that you can opt for as per your need and requirement:

1) Standard Website Annual Maintenance Contract

This is a basic package for website annual maintenance. We will take care of all website maintenance related services for upto 20 hours under this package

2) Bronze Website Annual Maintenance Contract

This is a slightly advanced package for website annual maintenance. Again, here we take care of all website maintenance services for 40 hours

3) Silver Website Annual Maintenance Contract

Silver annual maintenance package is for heavy duty users. Under this package you can avail maintenance services for upto 60 hours

4) Gold Website Annual Maintenance Contract

This is a customized annual maintenance package. You can choose a mix and match of services and any number of hours, that is, less than 20 hours to more depending upon your requirement

  Standard Bronze Silver Gold
Increases or cancellations of Text/Links
Item changes and increases
Addition, erasure of pictures/Videos. Recordings to be given by the customers
Content changes in effectively outlined Flash
Changes in Forms (Addition or erasure of shape fields)
Expansion, Deletion in the site Navigation
Increments or cancellations on Web pages (utilizing existing page plans)
Updating packages for your application
Application testing to find defects
Annual 20 Hours 40 Hours 60 Hours Custom Plan

Above plans/services can be customized based on the requirement. Feel free to Contact us now at to know more about our website maintenance services.

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Website Maintenance Services

We will take care to ensure that your website data is secure at all times and we will also propose changes on your website that meet the latest technological changes on the web from time to time so that your website is always ahead of the curve

































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