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Django Oscar Development Company

Micropyramid is a leading Django Oscar Development Company In Dubai, UAE and provides offshore development services in India.

Django Oscar

Django Oscar Development Services

Django Oscar Development Services helps the eCommerce businesses. Django Oscar development makes payment methods easily and simple.

  • Oscar is an e-commerce platform for building domain-driven applications
  • E-commerce websites using Django Oscar are Namhah, chocolate box, TATA CLiQ etc.
  • Django is an open source framework written in python strongly supports e-commerce development.
  • Using Django Oscar user interface we can built large and small e-commerce websites.

Features of Django-oscar

Django Oscar can handle any business requirements and solve complex problems like integrating payment methods and payment processing quickly and efficiently.

Product Search
Giving the flexibility to search the products they are interested in. Using our well-designed dashboard you

Product Search

Product Details
It is important to display entire product information including stock information, ratings.

Product Details

Product Filtering
Providing flexibility to filter products based on price, category, rating is essential for any e-commerce website

Product Filtering

Multiple Payment Methods
Giving multiple payment methods like Pay with Paypal, Stripe, Pay using Credit Card makes easier for user to complete their purchase.

Multiple Payment Methods

Managing Content
Using our well-designed dashboard you can easily update pages, categories, products. Like Dashboard

Managing Your Content

Product review and Ratings
Giving the flexibility to search the products they are interested in. Using our well-designed dashboard you

Product Reviews and Ratings

  • It can handle any product type. This includes downloadable products, subscriptions etc.
  • It provides an extensive catalogue support. In fact, this framework is used by websites that have over 20 million products.
  • Provides the option of multiple fulfilment partners for a single product.
  • Diverse range of merchandising blocks for promotion of products throughout your website.
  • It has a comprehensive dashboard that replaces the Django admin completely.
  • As already stated above, it provides multiple payment options for a single product
  • It works on Postgres which protects data integrity more than MySQL
  • It can be used by website having more than 20 million products
  • It provides a modern design that is built using LESS and Bootstrap
  • There is no constraint on design. You can even use your own template.
  • Provides mobile friendly default templates
  • It provides support for complex products handling. This includes split payments orders, multi-batch shipping, and order status pipelines.

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Django oscar Development Services

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