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Cookie Policy

This policy document is all about what is a cookie and why we use cookies in our website.

What is a cookie

Cookie is a small amount of text file, it will be downloaded to your computer or any other device for this website. Which collects information like your browser type, pages you have browsed, language preferences, device you are using etc. Find more information about cookies at

How we use cookies

We use cookies on this website, to improve user experience, to know how users are using our website and to know your preferences. It will be helpful for cookie manager to provide you relevant information, to improve the design and functionality of our website. The cookies either be set by us or third parties like google analytics, intercom etc. which are used in our website.

How to turn off cookies

As explained in the policy document, we infer that you have accepted our website cookies. You can accept or decline cookies from your browser settings. But you can’t access entire part of the website if you decline the cookies. Because the website may have connection with other websites too to track response rate & site usage.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this policy document.