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AngularJS Development Services In Dubai

Angularjs is an open source web application JavaScript framework. It was designed to resolve the challenges which are encountered in developing single page applications. It aims to simplify the testing and the developing of such applications.

HTML is great for declaring static documents but it is not so good for declaring dynamic views on web applications. AngularJS allows you to extend the HTML vocab for your application which ensures that the resulting environment is quite easy to develop. AngularJS is quite extensible and every feature in it can be modified or replaced to meet the unique development needs for your application. AngularJS models are JavaScript objects. This makes the code easy to test, maintain, reuse and it is free from boilerplate. The angular team has also built a plug-in called Batarang which improves the debugging experience of web apps built with Angular.

AngularJS Design Goals

  • Eliminating the DOM manipulation. DOM (Document object model) is a cross-platform and language independent convention which is used for interacting with the objects in HTML. The browser converts HTML in your web page into a tree based on nesting, so if you want to change any HTML you need to change the DOM elements, this is what is known as DOM manipulation. AngularJS eliminates it through data binding by updating the view whenever the model changes and updating the model whenever the view changes. With the help of AngularJS, you can even express the behaviour behind the DOM elements (called controller) in a readable form without any boilerplate of updating DOM.
  • Decoupling the client side of an application from the server side. This enables the development work to progress in parallel.
  • Providing a well defined structure to building of an App. From UI designing phase to testing phase.
  • Bringing the service side services such as view dependent controllers to the client side web app. This drastically reduces the burden on the server.

Features of AngularJS

Modules Divides your web application into small, usable, functional components which can be integrated with other web applications.
Directives They extend the HTML vocabulary such that the HTML elements have new behaviours and attributes.
Templates They are used to show the information from the model and the controller.
Expressions These support filters to format data before displaying it.
Data Binding Saves you from writing huge amounts of boilerplate code.
Scope It acts as a context for evaluating expressions. It acts as glue between controller and view.
MVC (Model, View and Controller) AngularJS is a MVC framework and implements MVC pattern to separate presentation, data and logic components.
  • The model represents the data used by your App.
  • The view presents the models data to the end user.
  • The controller defines the behaviour of your App. It connects the right models to the right views.
Validation This feature enables you to develop a modern HTML5 form which is quite interactive and responsive.
Filters They are used to format data before displaying it to the user.
Services They are reusable objects that share the code across your App.
$http service This is one of the built-in services offered by AngularJS. You can also create your own services.
Routing It helps you divide your app into multiple views and bind different views to controllers.
Testing Angular JS comes with a built-in testing feature. Hence, it becomes very easy for you to test your applications.

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AngularJS Development Services In Dubai

AngularJS comes with a lot of uses hence MicroPyramid aims at developing AngularJS applications for you, leveraging the above mentioned features to your advantage.